RGBLink mini-mx - Streaming Video Mixer

RGBLink mini-mx - Streaming Video Mixer

RGBLink mini-mx - Streaming Video Mixer

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Mix and stream up to four HDMI video sources with the RGBLink mini-mx - Streaming Video Mixer. The mini-mx is a compact 4-channel streaming device that provides four HDMI 2.0 inputs that support up to 4K60 resolution video. It also features dual mic inputs, internal mixing of embedded HDMI and external audio, and audio monitoring output for professional audio options. The switcher can be controlled and configured via a computer using RGBlink software. It allows you to simultaneously stream via IP directly to up to four streaming platforms, or by using the TAO app, you can stream simultaneously to up to 32 platforms.

The switcher offers numerous video features, including one-button recording to an optional external drive up to 2TB, 15 effect modes, 16 scene presets, portrait/landscape quick switch, multi-layer overlays, scaling, cropping, and chroma key. There is a large, 5.5" color touchscreen to quickly and easily control the switcher. You can also utilize external displays using HDMI 1.3 outputs for Preview (PVW) and Program (PGM). A handy joystick is also provided to allow you to control up to four PTZ cameras via IP.


Key Features of the RGBLink mini-mx - Streaming Video Mixer

  • Input up to 4 x HDMI Video Sources
  • Supports up to 4K60 Resolution
  • Store 16 Scene Presets, 15 Switch FX
  • Dual Mic Inputs and Outputs
  • Audio Mixing with HDMI & External Audio
  • 5.5" Color Touchscreen for Controls
  • PTZ Joystick Control for up to 4 Cameras
  • Chroma Key, Overlays, Scaling, Cropping
  • HDMI Preview/Program Outputs
  • Control using Computer Software via USB


Preview on Demand

Preview and configure interactively from the touchscreen display, selecting live and insert video sources. Monitor your feed on a HDMI display with dedicated PVW/PGM multiview outputs.

Integrated PTZ Camera Control

Forget about having multiple separate control panels for video and camera control. The mini-mx brings it altogether, supporting industry-standard VISCA protocol for PTZ control directly from the mixer. Control up four separate cameras with pan, tilt, zoom, and focus.

Precise Fingertip Control

An integrated joystick provides tactile control for each PTZ camera. Used together, you can toggle, set pan, tilt, zoom, and focus from the front panel. Joystick and toggle are dynamically assigned to settings including scale, position, and crop for enhanced usability.

Leverage the Power of Presets

Save and store up to 16 presets on mini-mx, allowing one-touch recall of all scene settings including PTZ focus for smooth transitions.

Go Remote

XPOSE mini companion apps for laptop and mobile allow remote control of the mini-mx and the video connections. It provides full integration with the RGBlink TAO platform to remotely control streams with TAO Live.

Sophisticated Multi-Layer Presentation

Assemble visuals with multiple layers of video and graphics. The mini-mx offers two full video layers plus background image and two graphic overlays from the media pool as well as dynamic OSD text overlay.

Dynamically Scalable

Each of the two assignable video layers may scaled, positioned, and cropped with these placed over the background.

Fluid Interactive Operation

Select any source or preset with a touch on the screen - thumbnails and iconography that makes mini-mx a natural an intuitive way to present and stream.

Transition Like a Pro

The mini-mx includes multiple DVE transition effects from preset to program, adding sophistication and effect.

Pro Level Audio

With three separate insert audio ports, the mini-mx has external balanced mic and line-level audio covered. All three ports accept 1/4" TRS jacks, with MIC 1 & 2 supporting direct XLR connection too. Plus, there is 48V phantom power directly from the mini-mx available on MIC 1, eliminating the need for a separate DI and supporting native studio mic connection

Follow the Action & Always Be In Sync

Set AFV for any HDMI embedded audio, so the audio switches with the video source to PVW and PGM automatically. Configure audio delay for MIC inputs or a camera input to keep audio in sync with the video.


  • GTIN - TBA
Switching Type Mechanical Switch, Pushbutton, T-Bar
Latency 4 Frames
Color Processing 4:4:4YUV