Manfrotto MVK502AM Video Tripod Kit

Manfrotto MVK502AM Video Tripod Kit

Manfrotto MVK502AM Video Tripod Kit

4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ This Manfrotto MVK502AM Video Tripod Kit has been fully tested and serviced by our team of camera experts and works like new. There are some signs of previous use, but what fun is a rental if you don’t use it? Any signs of previous use are minor and superficial and there are no notable marks or scratches. All the photos to the left are of the item you would receive so you can see for yourself (yes, we really have someone downstairs photographing every preloved product). Includes: soft case and the original packaging

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For professional photographers, having equipment which offers them precision, adaptability and versatility is very important. For this purpose, leading professional photography equipment and camera accessories manufacturers, Manfrotto have presented the Manfrotto MVK502AM-1 Manfrotto Tripod Kit. It offers extreme stability and adaptability while use, thus making the task of keeping the camera stable while operation, easy. It is made from aluminium and thus has a lightweight body, with a sturdy and strong build. It can support a considerably large weight mounted on the tripod head, which means you can attach a heavy camera with lens and other equipment attached with it. Professional photographers will also find the added Easy Link connectors for external monitor and other equipment helpful for their work.

Body and Construction

The Manfrotto MVK502AM-1 tripod is constructed from high-grade aluminium, which makes it lightweight and portable. This also gives it a strong build that can manage the weight of the heaviest professional cameras easily.

Quick Release Plate and Lever

The head of this Manfrotto tripod has quick release capability. You can detach the camera along with the plate quickly whenever required. This lets you change over to handheld photography in case you find the need to do so.

Easy Leg-Lock Lever for Securing Height

The telescopic aluminium legs of the Manfrotto MVK502AM-1 tripod have easy locking mechanisms which have been innovatively redesigned to allow the user to lock and unlock the legs to adjust the height of the tripod whenever required. The quick- action flip locks close and open easily to set the legs at any desired height on a surface. The elliptical telescopic tubing also allows increased compactness as well as rigidity and stability while in operation.

Height and Weight

The Manfrotto MVK502AM-1 tripod is made of aluminium and thus has a light weight. It weighs 3.8 kg, which is relatively light considering the features it offers. It has a preinstalled counterbalance weight of 4 kg, but can support a maximum load of 7 kg when placed on the head. The folded length of this tripod is 75 cm. When operating, the minimum operating height is 63 cm, whereas the maximum operating height is 157 cm.

3 Way Pan Head

The head of the Manfrotto tripod is a 3-way fluid pan head that can move in all three directions, namely, horizontal, vertical as well as lateral. The horizontal movement allowed is 360 degrees, whereas the vertical movement limit is -80 degrees to 90 degrees.