BOWENS Gemini 500R (x2) Tx/Rx Kit

These appeal to photographers buying studio lighting for the first time as well as photographers looking for exceptional value for money...

BOWENS Gemini 500R (x2) Tx/Rx Kit

Bowens Gemini 500R/500R TxRx Kit

This Bowens 500R/500R TxRx lighting it is in great physical and working condition. This lighting kit from Bowens has been very well looked after by the previous owner and shows only very minor signs of wear from previous use. Includes all boxed accessories.

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Bowens Gemini 500R (x2) Tx/Rx Kit

Our most popular kit configurations are the two-head kits. These appeal to photographers buying studio lighting for the first time as well as photographers looking for exceptional value for money. Typical two head kits include two Gemini monolights with two Bowens lighting support stands. To control the light we include a Softbox and a silver/white umbrella, together with a wide-angle umbrella reflectors. The kit now also includes a Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger and a Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card for syncing your camera wirelessly with your lights. In our experience, this creates a very easy-to-use and effective two-light setup. The umbrellas are perfect for portraiture and many still-life applications - the black cover can be removed allowing you to fire the light through the umbrella like a softbox. The kits include a sync lead for camera connection and all the power cables, modelling lamps and flash tubes. Everything is then packed into a single lightweight yet sturdy carrying case, with casters, for easy transportation.

Kit Includes: 2 x Gemini 500R, 1 x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger, 1 Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card, 1 x 90cm Umbrella, 1 x 60x8-cm Softbox, 1 x Wide-Angle Reflector, 2 x Lighting Support Stand, 1 x Trolley Case. Plus, Lamps, Cables and Sync Cord.

Kit Contents1 x 60x80cm Softbox, 1 x 90cm Umbrella, 1 x Rolling Kit Case, 1 x Sync Lead, 1 x Wide-Angle Reflector, 2 x Flash Tube, 2 x Gemini 500R, 2 x Lighting Support Stand, 2 x Modelling Lamp, 2 x Power Cord
Operating Voltage190-250V AC 50Hz
Sync Voltage5V DC
Colour Temperature5600K (±300K)
Fan CooledNo
IR Remote CompatibleYes
Digital DisplayYes
Auto DumpYes
Plug-in Radio Trigger OptionYes
Recycle Time (100%)1.3 seconds
Flash Duration (t=0.5)1/900
Guide Number (m/100 ISO)85
Max Power500Ws
Kit Weight18.6


Bowens Warranty

All Products are covered by a two-year warranty against any faulty design, materials and workmanship.  Gemini monolights and Gemini kits are covered up to three years.

If a product does not work on arrival, or up to a maximum period of four weeks from the date of dispatch of the Product, it should be returned to the dealer/retail outlet from where is was purchased for exchange (subject to stock availability). If the faulty unit was part of a kit, the dealer/retailer may choose to only replace the unit and not the entire kit. 
Alternatively the dealer may offer to repair the unit as soon as possible at no charge.

If neither an exchange nor repair is possible for the faulty unit, then a full refund may be made.

If a warranty fault occurs after the initial four-week period (and within the maximum warranty period), then the unit should be returned to the dealer, who will arrange to repair the unit as soon as possible, at no charge.

This warranty does not apply to consumable items such as flash tubes, modelling lamps, fuses or consumable type batteries.

Should a unit be returned at any time within the warranty period, and it is judged to have experienced any of the following; 
Failure to follow working instructions correctly, Accidental or willful damage, Misuse, Alteration or repair by a non authorised Bowens service/repair centre, then the warranty will be deemed invalid and any repairs required will be payable by the owner.

The dealer, in advance of undertaking any work that may be required, should notify the cost of any repairs to the owner.

No warranty repairs can be undertaken to any units without proof of purchase.

All warranty repairs or returns must be conducted with the dealer from where the product was purchased.