Colbor CL100-M Daylight COB LED Video Light

Colbor CL100-M Daylight COB LED Video Light

Colbor CL100-M Daylight COB LED Video Light

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The Colbor CL100-M Daylight COB LED Video Light designed with professionals in mind, especially those active in outdoor shooting. With portable power option, robust but lightweight construction, a wide variety of light effects, advanced output power function, intelligent cooling system, and professional App lighting control, the CL100-M is ready to compete with other mono lights in the marketplace.

Holding a standard color temperature of 5600K, the Colbor CL100-M LED monolight provides consistently smooth and even white light for filmmakers and professionals alike. See the bi-colour CL100 for more flexibility. The high color accuracy measurement of CRI (=colour rendering index, ≥ 97) is the key for the light to accurately restore the original color of the target.

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Colour Rendering Index ≥ 97
Colour Temperature 5600K
Connector GX16 3-Pin Connector
Power 100W (Constant Power)
Working Voltage DC 15-24V 6.3A
Body Material ABS
Beam Angle ≈∠ 120° (With Standard Reflector 55°)
Illumination (No Reflector) 4130 Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 5600K)
Illumination (With Standard Reflector) 14546 Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 5600K)
Dimensions (Excluding Light Base) 202 x 116 x 117mm
Weight 1.1kg
SKU 888612
Barcode # 616366812678
Brand Colbor

Key Features of the Colbor CL100-M Daylight COB LED Video Light

  • Daylight-balanced LED
  • Creative Power Solution
  • Robust Lightweight Construction
  • Strobe Free Lighting
  • Transient Overclock Functionality
  • Intelligent Cooling System
  • No Unexpected Noise Interference
  • Built-in Lighting Effects
  • App Wireless Control