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For the Nikon 1 V1 and V2 models. Perfect for capturing portraits, the SB-N7 Speedlight can be rotated to bounce the flash off nearby walls for a softer, more natural shade of light on your subject...

Nikon1 Speedlight SB-N7

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Brand New Nikon1 Speedlight SB-N7 Black
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Perfect for capturing portraits, the SB-N7 Speedlight can be rotated to bounce the flash off nearby walls for a softer, more natural shade of light on your subject. Available in black of white, this compact flash is the perfect accessory to your Nikon 1 V2.

Bouncing the light for beautiful indoor portrait images

Pictures can look very different depending on how you use the light. But lighting a shot is not at all difficult. The flash head of the SB-N7 can tilt up to 120 degrees upward allowing you to bounce the light off the ceiling or wall to depict a softer, more natural look to your subject. You can easily control the lighting to take a beautiful indoor portrait picture creatively.

Even more flash power

Despite its compact size, the SB-N7 has a guide number (the flash's ability to illuminate a subject) of approx. 18/59 (m/ft, ISO 100, 20°C/68°F) enabling you to take impressive backlit photos in which you can cast a soft, golden veil over the subject. The powerful flash helps you expand the range of your creative expressions.

SW-N7 Wide-Flash Adapter for widening the angle of coverage and softening the light

The SB-N7 comes packaged with the SW-N7 Wide-Flash Adapter. This wide-flash adapter expands the illuminating angle of the SB-N7 and diffuses its lighting power. This is useful when using a wide-angle lens or when lighting your subject softly with direct light.

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Superior light distribution that lights up all four corners evenly

In addition to the guide number, which indicates flash output level, another important factor to take note of is how the flash distributes light. Nikon's Speedlights are renowned for their superior light distribution and the SB-N7 is no exception, distributing even light across the entire picture frame.

Compact and lightweight design for great portability

Minimally designed to accommodate the compact Nikon 1 cameras, the SB-N7's excellent portability is sure to expand your joy of shooting photos. Available in black or white.

Easy operation

Shooting with the flash is easy – simply connect it to Nikon 1 camera's multi accessory port and switch the SB-N7 on. Nikon's i-TTL flash control with greater precision in flash exposure evaluation achieves optimum automatic flash balance. Superior operability is ensured, even for beginners.

Readily available AAA-size batteries

The SB-N7 uses two AAA-size alkaline or NiMH batteries which are readily available anywhere in case you run out of power.