Pixelstick LED Light Stick

Pixelstick LED Light Stick

Pixelstick LED Light Stick

Pixelstick is in great condition, showing only minor signs of previous use. Unit includes everything pictured.

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Combine custom artwork with long exposure to create stunning photographs. Load any image onto it from an SD card, walk pixelstick through a long exposure and watch as your artwork appears suspended in mid-air, reflected on water, or wrapped around trees. The creative possibilies are endless!

endless possibilities

Pixelstick comes packed with a dozen built-in patterns to get you started, but the real magic comes when you bring your own images to the party. From a hand-drawn pattern to a still from your favorite movie, pixelstick can handle anything you throw at it. Once you've picked an image, use the controller to tweak brightness, speed, white balance, and a host of other options to ensure you get the perfect shot.

it's in the bag

Pixelstick loves to travel. At a collapsed height of 42", all pixelstick’s parts fit in the included carry bag, so it can go where you go.


  • Matte black anodized aluminum body
  • 200 RGB LEDs for over 16 million colors
  • Assembled length: 73" (187 cm)
  • Dissembled length in bag: 43" (109 cm)
  • Weight: 4lbs (1.8kg)
  • Software controlled white balance, brightness, speed, orientation
  • Compatible with SD and SDHC (32GB max)
  • Supports 24-bit BMP
  • Runs on 8x AA batteries (not included, rechargeable recommended)

Innovative New Design

The Pixelstick is a 1.8 metre long strip of programmable multi-coloured LEDs from Bitbanger Labs. Designed for both beginners and serious photographers, it is used for long exposure light painting with photo-real images, abstract designs, logos, text and animations.

Fantastic Tool for Light Painting

The Pixelstick pushes the boundaries of light painting by introducing customisable colours and sophisticated patterns. Capable of producing over 16 million colours, the LEDs acts like a pixel on a screen, displaying your image one vertical line at a time as you walk with the wand.

These vertical lines, when captured through a long exposure, combine to suspend an image in mid-air, while leaving the Pixelstick and the person holding it invisible.

Unlimited Creativity

What really sets the Pixelstick apart is the ability to create any conceivable light painting, by allowing you to program the stick with your own images. You can create your own patterns and images using the online image converter, and upload them to the wand through the SD card port.

Pixelstick Hardware

The Pixelstick contains 200 full colour RGB LEDs in a light-weight, aluminium housing. To ensure easy portability and storage, the stick can split in two and then be quickly assembled to form a single sturdy unit. It comes with a comfortable foam grip handle and a rotating sleeve that allows the stick to freely swivel for creating fluid circular movement.

Control your design

The controller unit can be freely mounted on the rear of the LED panel and can modify parameters, such as brightness, speed, orientation, walking direction, countdown timer, white balance, and a few other more advanced options. An easily visible orange coloured button triggers the lights, and a back-lit LCD screen displays the menu settings ensuring visibility of the screen in the dark.

Easy to Power

The Pixelstick uses low energy consuming LEDs and is powered by a set of 8 AA batteries (not included) that last long enough for all-night action.

Light Modifiers

The LED strip is covered with a removable diffusion panel or lens. The diffused light blends the LEDs together to create a smoother image projection. With the lens removed, the LEDs create relatively sharper scan-lines, making it possible to create a range of different looks.

Portable and Easy to Use

The Pixel Stick by Bitbanger Labs is a fantastic solution for those who want to add more exciting elements to their long exposure photography.