Quasar Science Double Rainbow Linear LED Light

Quasar Science Double Rainbow Linear LED Light

Quasar Science Double Rainbow Linear LED Light

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The Quasar Science Double Rainbow Linear LED Light - 120cm is the vanguard in linear LED lighting for motion picture and content creation. From lighting actors to environments, Rainbows create realistic lighting with multiple individually controlled RGBX pixels that produce intense, high quality tunable white light or rich saturated RGB color. With super smooth, flicker free dimming and a sleek, compact shape to create powerful light even in small places Rainbow 2 (R2) and Double Rainbow (RR) will become the workhorses of your set.

The Double Rainbow (RR) Linear LED, with its two rows of high fidelity RGBX pixels, creates realistic lighting with vibrant saturated colors and intense white light. A sleek shape provides a powerful light source using little space.

Wireless and wired data connections mean no data boxes, receivers or transmitters. Integrated Ossium Mounting System (OMS) rigging adapts to almost everything. AC/DC inputs for continuous power whenever and wherever.



Manufacturer Quasar Science
Manufacturer Item code 925-3201
Illumination 2376 Lumens
Beam angle (degrees) 180º
Color rendition SSI up to 91, TM30 up to 94, CRI up to 95
Adjustable color temperature Yes
Color temperature 1,750 - 10,000k
Light cooling Passive
Remote control DMX, sACN, Art-Net ,CRMX, W-DMX, sACN and Art-Net
Power consumption (max, W) 50 W
Weight 1,500g
Dimensions 577 x 84.8 mm
EAN 768480726291
  • Highly accurate white light
  • Ossium Mounting System
  • Remote Control Options
  • Single and Double Width Design
  • Double Wide Design
  • Multiple individually controlled RGBX pixels
  • Vibrant saturated colors or high quality tunable white light
  • CCT 1,750-10,000k
  • Ossium Mounting System


Single and Double Width Design

The Rainbow 2 features a single row of pixels for a slimmer profile while the two row design of the Double Rainbow makes for a uniquely beautiful light that packs a punch. Ready for work as a key/fill light, its shape produces flexibility like no other.

Color Control

An industry-first perceptually distributed color palette created by our advanced color science research uses the Psychophysical construct of Just Noticeable Difference to deliver instinctual lighting control. In addition, Spectral Control, a new technical and creative tool, enables the output to be desaturated for color-matching third part fixtures or creative intent.


Vibrant saturated colors and the most intense white light, deliver great results in any situation.

Color Science

The unique RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine (RGBX SSCE) in R2 and RR fixtures delivers a choice of more than one billion colors. RGBX SSCE provides the complete range of potential spectral fingerprints available for each color within its entire gamut of color possibilities.


With more pixels and greater control than any other tube lights, Rainbow fixtures produce more realistic animation to take your lighting effects to a whole new realm. More than just volume, spectrally-based color calibration provides each pixel with dependable vibrant color values.

Power Anywhere

Power RR and R2 lights anywhere with plug and play AC and DC capabilities. Direct AC input without power supply, or The Ossium Battery Plate making swapping batteries seamless reducing down time on set.


With every industry standard wired and wireless option, the Rainbow Series provides advanced networking architecture solutions and scalable options. With no need for additional data boxes, receivers or transmitters.


Ossium Mounting System (OMS) integrates seamlessly and efficiently with industry standard hardware for safer, faster rigging with greater precision and style.